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Terms and Conditions
Properties published in 2 Rent Apartments are totally furnished and fully equipped with all of required appliances, a complete set of dishes, towels and white clothes. All of them can be booked under the modality of temporary rent, from a few days until a maximum stay of 6 months, according to effective legal dispositions in Argentina .

Prices and calculated costs

Apartments are published with weekly and monthly prices for Mid Season. Ask for special prices applied during Special Season as Christmas and Easter before comfirming your stay. The amount of the rent is calculated of the following way:

•  Periods up to 7 days , you will pay the fix price  for one week

•  Periods between 8 and 30 days: you will pay the weekly price proportionally prorated to the total number of nights you've booked. If the calculated amount is greater than the monthly price so the value of the month must be paid.

•  More than one month (+30 days): you will pay the monthly price proportionally prorated to the total number of nights you've booked.

Payments and Currency

Reservations must be done in cash, by transferences/deposits received in 2 Rent Apartments bank accounts or by direct transfers through Pay Pal. 2 Rent Apartments is a verified user at Paypal.
Payment of rent, administrative fees and the guarantee deposit must be done only in cash, at the time of the check-in.

Currency used is US dollars or the equivalent in € , considering the exchange rate for the day published in the site For payments in Argentinean $ the exchange rate will be defined by 2Rent.


The guest can do a free pre-reservation without any cost, with a maximum duration of 24 hours, after verified the availability with 2 Rent Apartments. The guest must formalize the reservation by doing an advance payment equivalent at 20% of the total amount of the stay, at least , with a minimun of u$d 100.-, within the next 24 hours after 2 Rent Apartments had confirmed the pre-reservation.

In the eventual case that the property was not available at the moment of the check-in, because of unexpected and fortuitous damages, 2 Rent Apartments will propose to the guest:

a) The relocation in other property with similar characteristic and comforts, available for the date of the trip.

b) Returning 100% of the amount paid for the reservation.

Check-in: 2:00 PM

Check-in is in the rented property, during the afternoon, and within a specific schedule agreed with 2 Rent Apartments 48 hours before the arrival, at least. If the property is available, the check-in could be anticipated and taking place during the morning with no additional cost. If the property is not available, the guest must wait until 2 PM, which is the start time scheduled for standard check- in. 

The owner of the property and a 2 Rent Apartments representative will give the welcome to the guest and will sign the contract and the inventory. The guest will have to pay the amount calculated for the stay (discounting the amount previously paid to 2 Rent Apartments for the reservation) plus the Administrative Fees and the Guarantee Deposit, which will be returned at the time of the check-out.

The guest will receive the keys and general information about the property, available transports and other useful data of the neighborhood as well as the information and data to localize the owner if needed for any specific requirement.

Check-out: 10 AM

The guest must leave the property before 10:00 AM, within a specific schedule agreed with 2 Rent Apartments 48 hours before the departure, at least. If the property is available, the check-out could be delayed with no additional cost. If the property is not available, the check-out must be done before 10:00 AM as usual.

The guest returns the keys and receives the return of the Guarantee Deposit after checking the inventory and the overall state of the property. The property must be delivered to the same conditions as it was received, otherwise it will be deducted u$d 50. - from the Deposit Guarantee for the cleaning.

Administrative Fees

Administrative Fees of u$d 40.- are applied for each contract made through 2 Rent Apartments, doesn’t matter its duration. For reservations of the same, or another department, for two different periods, it must be considered u$d 40.- for each contract.

Check-in and check-out  done on Saturdays, Sundays, holidays and working days out of office hours (9 AM to 6 PM) should be previously agreed with 2Rent Apartments, at the moment when reservation was confirmed, and they have an extra charge of u$d 30.-

Contract duration and clauses:

The temporary rental contracts have start and end date, with a maximum duration of six months and not extensions enabled . If the guest wish to stay in the property for additional days, he/she must ask to 2 Rent Apartments about the possibility of continue staying in the same property by signing a new contract

People who like to ensure the check-in before 2:00 PM and/or the check-out after 10:00 AM the suggestion is to make the reservation considering an extra day.

In the eventual case that the guest want to reduce the stay, the payment already made can not be returned, since the amounts paid for temporary rent are not refundable.

The contract is considering a specific number of persons, with not any possibility of having additional people staying in the property. In the eventual case that more people than those specified in the Contract were found in the property, the contract will be cancelled with not any money being returned to the guest.

Making the reservation and signing the contract for the people and the period according to the travel plan is reducing the risks of having extra costs and/or not receiving desired services.

Guarantee Deposit:

At the moment of signing the inventory and contract, an additional payment will be done by the guest depending on the stay duration, as following:

a) Up to 2 weeks: Deposit Amount the same as weekly price published for the selected property.

b) Between 2 weeks and 1 month: Deposit Amount the same as be-weekly price published for the selected property.

c) Between 1 month and 3 months : Deposit Amount the same as monthly price published for the selected property.

d) Over 3 months: Deposit Amount the same as twice monthly price published for the selected property.

The Guarantee Deposit will be full returned to the guest on the day of check-out. However, if any damages or breakages and/or if there is anything missing from in the property, the related amount will be deducted to cover repairs or replacement of objects.

Charges included / not included

The amount paid for the rent includes all the expenses of the apartment: electricity, gas, building fees, taxes, water, Internet connection and cable TV. Weekly maid service is only included when it´s indicated and only for stays of more than 7 days. If the guest likes to have this maid service more often, please ask 2 Rent Apartments about additional cost and available options.

There is an extra-charge if the property wasn't left in the same state of cleanliness as it is found in on the day of check-in.


Guests will have the right to receive up to 50% of the amount paid as reservation, less the Administrative Fees, in those specific cases in which informs to 2 Rent Apartments, their intention to not occupy the property, with more than 30 days before the original planned date for the check-in.

Otherwise, not any amount paid as reservations will be refunded because of cancellations reported with less than 30 days before the scheduled date of arrival. 

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